Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

~Henry David Thoreau

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My name is Evelyn Miranda aka Dreamlyn. I am a free lance ecletic artist and art educator. Being an avid learner of art, music, history, science, reading and education I include a large variety of styles and subjects in my art. I love to create and learn something new everyday. I enjoy sharing what I learn with others who have a passion for their craft.

I have been asked many times whether Dreamlyn is my real name and how I got it. The name Dreamlyn is a mixture of the word Dream and the last three letters of my first name Evelyn. Dreaml+lyn=Dreamlyn. My creative life began early. When I was 6 years old I started studying and playing classical piano then soon after I began drawing. By the time I was 14 yers old I was drawing how I draw today. I was largely self-taught until I got a degree much later in Art Education from Florida International University. During my university years I began using art as a means of espressing my dream worlds, which I experienced nightly. I am a lucid dreamer and I have lucid dreams almost every night. My dreams are the inspiration of much my art. Hence my interest in dreams and psychology lead me to choose the name Dreamlyn.

My art includes not only dreams but also my eclectic interests. I love learning and celebrate each day that I get a chance to learn and share what I do. I also love kids and animals. I have created and sold internationally over a thousands original paintings, drawings and designs many which are of cats. I have four cats that I love dearly. They are spoiled rotten. I also have two children that are my great inspiration for all my illustrations.


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